Essential Oils | Improve daily life with doTERRA oils
Daily assistance with pure Essential Oils with no chemicals
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Welcome to Distribute nature’s website

Taking care of ourselves and our health so as to be the master of our own life in order to choose our own way to happiness. We offer you our expertise whether logistically (administrative help), emotionally (stress management) or physically (day-to-day support with and without essential oils) to help you reach your goal.


Assisting people in their lives in English or in French either administratively or accompanying them daily with and without the use of pure, essential oils


Creating and assisting you with your dōTERRA® account so these precious and pure oils without chemicals nor adjuvants can be of great benefit to you


Using aromatherapeutic plants for their therapeutic properties, well-being or for spirituality



Why is it so important to use essential oils which are natural and without chemical components ?

Essential oils are immediately absorbed by the skin, permeate the skin barrier in 2 minutes, go around the entire body in 20 minutes and are fully eliminated in 2 hours.


However if the oils are not totally pure :

  • The adjuvants, colourings and chemical components are not entirely eliminated and can have a negative effect on the organs, the skin and even the brain.
  • To be efficient and harmless essential oils must contain the required level of active ingredients and those will be diminished if additives are added.


  • According to Wikipedia, nutrition is the ensemble of processes by which a living being transforms nutrients to ensure his metabolic and physiological functioning. Food is comp

  • Definition : According to Wikipedia stress, either physiological or biological, is an organism’s response to a stressor such as an environmental condition. These reactio

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