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Huiles essentielles pures labellisées CPTG et produits doTERRA à Genève en Suisse. Accompagnement et soins pour tous.Pure and certified CPTG Essential Oils and doTERRA products in Geneva in Switzerland. Assistance and treatment for all.
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According to Wikipedia, nutrition is the ensemble of processes by which a living being transforms nutrients to ensure his metabolic and physiological functioning. Food is composed of nutrients which are grouped into two categories, the macronutrients which are lipids (fats), protein (animal or vegetable) and carbohydrates (sugar) and micronutrients composed of vitamins and minerals.


The connection between food deficiencies and severe illnesses had been clearly established in the XXth century but we now go further believing that most of our illnesses are worsened by poor nourishment and possibly caused by it. We have gone a step further by demonstrating that food plays a major role in the prevention of many diseases.

Yet, our food is currently produced on a large scale and has less and less nutrients than 40 or 50 years ago. Because quantity has been favoured rather than quality, micro and macronutrients have been depleted in the soils and replaced by pesticides and chemicals fertilisers (GMO, heavy metals, endocrine disrupter).

Eating habits have also changed, we do not anymore spend hours preparing a meal but need it to be ready as fast as possible. We often eat on the go or in front of the computer or whilst shopping which also has negative effects such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Impoverished nourishment weakens the immune system creating imbalances, lack of energy and productivity, tiredness, weakness, overweight and physical and mental stress.

Many populations in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, some are also in our own countries so proper nutritional choices have to be made to ensure people remain in good health, in particular the very young and the very old. This is the reason it may be very useful to be supported by a nutritional professional who will be able to give you tested solutions.


A few suggestions :

  • Buy local rather than global.
  • Fruits and vegetable in season.
  • Organic fruits, vegetable and proteins.
  • Food should be diversified.
  • Cook rather than heat.
  • Balanced (nor more high-protein diets, sugar or fat free diets).
  • Food must be traceable.


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