Essential Oils | Energy treatment adult, child or teenager
Wellness treatment with 8 specific Essential Oils for adults, children and teenagers
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To produce a profound overall relaxing experience I propose a wellness treatment called AromaTouch® by applying 8 different essential oils (pure and exclusive blends). This method is particularly efficient to manage stress, to strengthen the immune system, to reduce the inflammation (muscle and joint pains) and to bring general balance to the body.

  • Adults:Treatment lasts 45' (5th session free)

    Benefits for adults: can stimulate the appropriate physiological responses that can restore the intestinal, neurological and endocrinal functions.

    CHF 80.- / € 66.-
  • Children (+6years) :Treatment lasts 30' (5th session free)

    Effects on children: encourages sleep, calms the emotions and the central nervous system, and reduces anxiety.

    CHF 55.- / € 46.-
  • Students:Treatment lasts 45' (5th session free)

    Benefits for students: increases brain and cognitive efficiency, reduces stress and reinforces the immune system.

    CHF 70.- / € 58.-

Travel costs to Geneva included. I can also receive you occasionally in Gaillard (France).

Health is more than controlling symptoms, it is a dynamic process rooted deeply in prevention. Developing and maintaining homeostasis should be considered the keystone for proactive and preventative models of health
(Dr.David K.Hill)


More than 100 therapeutic-grade Essential Oils from over 45 different countries. All follow the new standard of therapeutic quality CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® created by dōTERRA® founders for the industry which had never had one.


Because these oils are of the highest quality and amongst the purest in the world, both professional therapists and families can use them and be absolutely certain that they have the best to promote health and wellness.

ASSISTANCE WITH DŌTERRA® ESSENTIAL OILS (Accompagnement en fin de vie)

I assist people by offering them help in their day-to-day lives using pure, essential oils. I use the iTOVi scanner which combines bioimpedance, pressure sensor and body temperature to generate personalized wellness evaluations.


This is achieved through the use of highly effective products intended for a wide variety of people and occasions. The oils can be used occasionally or on a long-term basis to help reduce stress, relieve muscle or joint pains, as well as tackling skin issues.


To aid someone to achieve their goal, I accompany them in various ways (one-to-one meetings, by phone, mail, Skype or WhatsApp).


REFLEXOCHROMIE© TREATMENT (Technique created by F. and R. Roche®) Réflexochromie – Stages I à III:2017 – Réflexochromie – Stage IV – 2018

Which is a balancing of all the organs in the body by stimulating the automatic response points in the feet and hands with coloured filters. This is particularly useful for :


  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Relieving pain
  • Improving the body’s energetic and physical health


This technique can be used by all without contraindication or interference with any medical treatment.


The duration and price of the treatment are the same as for an AromaTouch, i.e CHF 80,- / € 66,-. (adult) and CHF 55,- / € 46,- (child) and CHF 70,- / € 58,- (student). For quicker results, it is possible to do an AromaTouch followed by a Réflexochromie for CHF 120,- / € 100,- for an adult and CHF 100,- / € 84,- for a student.


  • Daily administration
  • Administrative procedures
  • Correspondence
  • Manage planning
  • Liaise between various contractors or/and                              medical staff
  • Keep contact with distant family


  • Shopping
  • Occasional house-cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Going for walks
  • Transport (doctors, trips)
  • Discussions / Conversations
  • Reading

Please remember that you are responsible when using Essential Oils and the information found on this website is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any illness. It should never prevent of delay you from seeking medical advice.