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Huiles essentielles pures labellisées CPTG et produits doTERRA à Genève en Suisse. Accompagnement et soins pour tous.Pure and certified CPTG Essential Oils and doTERRA products in Geneva in Switzerland. Assistance and treatment for all.
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When To Use Diffusion

When To Use Diffusion

Diffusing essential oils rather than using them topically or internally can be preferable in the following situations:

  • To have an effect on the emotional dimension (stress, sleep, …)
  • When it is not possible to use them topically (skin issues, history of cancer, …)
  • To affect several people at the same time (to prevent flu, to strengthen the immune system, …)

So as to preserve their therapeutic properties essential oils should not be heated above 45° and therefore the small decorative bowls heated with a candle cannot be used in this case. There exist 3 different methods of diffusing essential oils: 

  1. Diffusion by nebuliser

The essential oil is pumped, propelled against a glass wall and dispersed in small drops which are blown out of the appliance. As millions of these small particles remain in the air, it is important to regulate the length of the diffusion failing which there could be an overdose leading to headaches, dizziness and drowsiness.

  1. Ventilator

A small fan plugged to the electrical courant or to the cigarette lighter in the car creates a draught that permeates a cotton cartridge on which a few drops of essential oils has been applied. There is no saturation but this method can only be used in small places such as a car or a room.

  1. Ultrasonic diffusion

Essential oils are suspended in the air in a light fog of nebulised water thanks to ultrasonic waves. Neither the water nor the essential oils are heated so their active principles are intact. There is neither a saturation in the air of aromatic molecules as the device will only deliver the number of drops which were deposited and will stop as soon as there is no more liquid.


The two dōTERRA ultrasonic diffusers Petal and Lotus are both nice and efficient. Furthermore the Petal diffuser in offered with various kits (Home Essentials Enrolment Kit, Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit, Natural Solutions Enrolment Kit, Oil Sharing Enrolment Kit).

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