Essential Oils | Helping with physical or emotional symptoms
Véronique Claire Okoro-Billon gives support in daily life by easying physical or emotional symptoms
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Who am I ?

Véronique Claire Okoro-Billon


I have had the life-long desire to help others but I was not sure as to how to achieve this. Therefore, I started my professional career working in the finance and commercial fields. As I did not feel fulfilled, I left these environments at the age of 40 in order to study and became a social worker. To gain qualification for giving support to somebody going through difficult times, I followed a specific course to become an Assistant during severe illness, bereavement or end of life.

Personally, I have always tried to take care of both my family and myself as naturally as possible and have tested many different therapies and products. But I was also looking for a range of products of a very high standard, pure and without any adjuvants nor colourings and which the professionals and therapists would use in their daily practice. Essential oils gave me the opportunity to realize my dearest aspirations and to bring relief to many people.

In addition to this with the desire to bring comfort to my clients, I followed a course which uses Dr. David K. Hill’s technique called AromaTouch® to apply essential oils so as to restore the intestinal, neurological and endocrinal functions in relation with homeostasis. I am continuously searching and learning various techniques to bring calm and serenity to ones life such as Réflexochromie which aims to balance all the organs in the body by stimulating the automatic response points in the feet and hands.